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Child Care Finder and Child Care Connect NB

Finding Child Care
The Child Care Finder and Child Care Connect NB are services dedicated to helping families throughout their child care journey. By utilizing these resources together, you gain the ability to make well-informed choices, providing reassurance and a smooth pathway to finding the best care for your child.
Finding Child Care
Begin your search by using Child Care Finder. This intuitive, map-based tool allows you to easily explore licensed early learning and childcare options within your community. Find detailed profiles of each operator, including space availability, and identify the best match for your family's needs, all in a few easy steps.
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Find Your Match with Child Care Connect NB
Child Care Connect NB helps families by connecting them with child care providers offering available spaces that meet their unique needs within their communities. The data collected through Child Care Connect NB also helps the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development decide where new child care spaces need to be created.
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