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Early Learning and Childcare Waitlist

To proceed with creating a request for the Early Learning and Childcare Waitlist, please complete the following steps

Collect the Necessary Information

You will need the following information about your child:

  • Legal Name and Date of Birth
  • Medicare Number and Name OR
  • New Brunswick Education Number (NBEN)

If your child has not been born, you will be able to create a Waitlist Record and will be asked to provide the information above once they have been born.

If you do not have an NBEN or Medicare number, please proceed and someone will contact you for verification purposes.


Provide Details

Provide details for where and when your child will require Early Learning and Childcare Services.

Monitor your e-mail for a potential Waitlist match


Waitlist Match

When there is a potential match between your childcare needs and an operator, you will receive an e-mail from the Parent Portal asking you to contact the operator directly, accompanied by their contact information. It will be your responsibility to contact the operator and determine if the match will meet your needs.

To create an Early Learning and Childcare Waitlist request, you will need a Parent Portal account.

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Need Support?

If you have any questions regarding the Early Learning and Childcare Waitlist or the Parent Portal, please call Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm or e-mail us: