Use this online form to preregister your child in a New Brunswick public school.

As per Policy 804 – Student Registration, parents must register their children at the school designated for their catchment area or at the district office, depending on District Education Council policy. Parents may request that their children be transferred to a school that is outside of their catchment area, but only when this initial registration is complete. Superintendents make the decision as to whether a student is allowed to attend a school other than the one in the appropriate catchment area. Policy 804

To complete the registration, you must present yourself at the school along with one of the following documents:
 - birth certificate
 - passport
 - driver’s license
 - another piece of ID (e.g. immigration documents or a certificate issued by another Canadian provincial government indicating the date of birth).

Proof of residency is required to determine if a student resides in the district’s catchment area. Schools or districts may ask the parent to present a recent original of a formal lease, utility bill (power, water, cable, telephone), bank statement, credit card statement, property tax assessment, or building permit that contains the parent’s name and address, as the necessary proof. Please note that the registration will only be completed once the school or district checks the proof of age. Proof of immunization or proof of exemption is required and must be obtained by the school or district. A copy of the immunization record must be placed in the student’s file, or scanned and attached to the student’s electronic record.

** Exemption for medical reasons or other reasons is accepted with the Appropriate documentation.

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In order to support learning, the public education system collects and keeps a variety of information about students which are needed to provide a variety of services and supports to students.

Medicare numbers are used for research and registration purposes, and to verify proof of immunization in accordance with the Personal Health Information Privacy and Access Act.

Student information is used to:
 - help educators and other professionals provide direct service to students
 - conduct research and planning activities aimed at improving education, programs and services
 - administrative purposes.