Use this online form to preregister your child in a New Brunswick public school.

To complete the registration, you must present yourself at the school along with one of the following documents: - birth certificate - passport - driver’s license - another piece of ID (e.g. immigration documents or a certificate issued by another Canadian provincial government indicating the date of birth). Please note that the registration will only be completed once the school or district checks the proof of age. Proof of immunization or proof of exemption is required and must be obtained by the school or district. A copy of the immunization record must be placed in the student’s file, or scanned and attached to the student’s electronic record.

** Exemption for medical reasons or other reasons is accepted with the Appropriate documentation.

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In order to support learning, the public education system keeps a variety of information about students. Some of this information is kept permanently. It provides a record should it ever be needed in the individual’s lifetime. This information includes: legal name, address, attendance, marks, credits obtained, graduation status, transcript of marks, etc.

Other types of information are also needed to provide a variety of services and supports to students. This second type of information is kept only as long as it is relevant to the services provided. It can include: standardized assessments, student work samples, clinical findings, comments of teachers or other professionals, health information, current disciplinary letters/interventions, appeal records, copies of probation or custody orders, etc. Medicare numbers are only used in emergency situations.

Use of student information falls into three categories: to help educators and other professionals provide direct service to the student; for research and planning activities that improve education or improve services related to overall student development; and for administrative purposes.

If you have any questions regarding the use of personal information in the school system, please contact the Director of Schools in your school district.